Vitality Course 2019

Kickstart 2019 by attending Dr. Mark Rowe’s 5 night course “Live With Vitality 2019”. The goal of this course is to energise & empower you to take the next steps forward to live a life of more vitality in 2019 and beyond.

14th | 21st | 28th January & 4th | 11th of February 7.30- 9.15pm At the Greenway Manor Hotel Waterford

€100 for 5 night course

Certificate of completion included For Men & Women of all ages.

call 051 – 370057 or to book.

Learn new skills and strategies to support what Dr. Rowe terms his ‘golden rule of self care’. Learn valuable insights from leading-edge medical science and positive psychology about: • Stress: Why it is your response to it that matters.

• Psychological Fitness: Strengthen your mindset & sense of mindfulness. • Habits & Willpower: How to harness them for your benefit.

• Emotional Vitality: Enhance your inner happiness, sense of fulfilment & connect more with your purpose.

• Food As Medicine: Gut-Brain Connections & Mental Health.

• Relationships: How they impact on your wellbeing.

• Lifestyle & Longevity: Living more by the ‘Blue Zone’ philosophy. 

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