Green Ribbon for Mental Health

IMG_7710We were delighted to welcome Marguerite Keane to Waterford Health Park  with the giant green ribbon for mental health awareness. Pictured are Jess, Dr. Miriam Nugent, Marguerite & Suzanne.

Congratulations to Marguerite for her mental health advocacy and securing the Green Ribbon for her work promoting positive mental health.

Marguerite who is a Green Ribbon Ambassador shared her story with us on Facebook.

“11 years ago, I joined Waterford Health Park and I was put under the care of this lady Dr. Miriam Nugent. She has seen me through the bad times and the good. We had some very good laughs. My mental health has had its moments and she is one of the main reason I’m still here and she keeps me fighting. I will never be able to repay the kindness she has shown me and she has always treated me with respect and even the moments where I felt like giving up she was the motivation in keeping me going. She is a remarkable lady and her continuous support is very important to me. When I thought that I was not capable of having a normal life, she says otherwise and has given me hope in achieving the goals i wish to accomplish! Miriam your an amazing person and I’m extremely grateful your in my life xx #greenribbonirl #seechange #timetotalk #imfabulous #waterfordhealthpark “ – Marguerite Keane